Thursday, August 7, 2014

Presenting a paper at Educational Management Conference for Principals of Kedah : 6 Aug. 2104, Taiping Perak

With Kedah Principal Council Committee Members : L-R ; Yusup, Abu Seman (President), Me, Hanie (co-presenter), Bohlender, Latifah & Turin

The title of my paper was 'Cabaran Pemimpin Pendidikan di Era Globalisasi : Analisis Makro Matlamat Pendidikan Sawarjagat' ( Education Leadership Challenges in the Era of Globalization : Macro analysis on World Education Objectives). The presentation begins briefly with the current world scenario from economic, poverty, literacy, health/sanitation, & education perspectives. It follows with provocative arguments on the 'traditional education system' versus 'entrepreneurial education system'.
A light chat with Hannie prior to presentation
Standardization, conformity, centralization, regimentation and rote-memorization were discussed deeply as well as the opposite perspective of education system such as democratization, flexibility, dececentralization, project/product-based learning. It ends with suggestions on how to transform the present schools to world class schools.
Presenting a paper
The evident of entrepreneurial-inclined approach of teaching success was then presented by Hannie who was considered as 'problematic with deviant behavior' during her school years but now a successful entrepreneur. She shared about her experience while in school and her formative years in entrepreneurship. More than 150 participants gave a standing ovation for both of us. Congratulation Hannie!!!