Saturday, July 3, 2010

Selection of School Principal

1. It's high time we reexamine the system of principal selection. We believe that the school principal has major role in determining the school success. Hence the traditional selection of school principal must be reexamined to ensure the current needs of stakeholders and parents are met.

2. In facing future challenges, the post of principal must be opened to all. Teachers who feel that they are capable of becoming principal must apply for the post and the 'selection committee' will determine the suitability of the candidates.

3. The appointment of principal is by contract of not more than 5 years. During his/her tenure he/she may withdraw from the post if he/she feels that is no longer capable. On the similar tone, the 'selection committee' may also terminate the appointment if they are satisfied that the candidate is no longer fit for the post. Once the contract is due, the 'selection committee' may extend the appointment if the principal's performance meets the specified standards.

4. The principalship post is NOT a promotional post. Hence, those who are in principalship position would be still in their prior salary grade. Nevertheless, they should be getting a reasonable and attractive amount of allowance to commensurate their responsibility and accountability.

5. During his/her tenure, s/he is eligible for any promotional exercise and if being promoted to a higher grade he must remain as principal until his/her contract completed and at the same time receiving his/her new salary scheme.