Friday, December 2, 2016


Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Teacher Learning and Development 2016

Venue : Cititel Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
Date : 28 -30 Nov 2016


Sazali bin Yusoff (Ph.D)
Ahmad Sukari bin Mohamad (Ph.D)
Abdul Razak bin Othman (Ph.D)
Siti Rohani binti Mohd Zain (Ph.D)

Studies have shown that the impact of teacher effectiveness on student outcomes is linked with teacher attributes. This has led to a growing interest among educators, the need to identify the attributes that has powerful influence on student outcomes. One of the issues consistently discussed is teacher attributes, particularly the distinctive attributes that distinguish between an ordinary teacher and a teacher with the jiwa of an educator. Hence, this article aims to propose a model of jiwa educator relevant to today’s context. Based on comparative analysis of literature and research work from scholars in the education field as well as interviews with experienced in-service teachers and teacher educators; essential dimensions of teacher knowledge, skills, attributes and values that shape the jiwa of an educator were identified and expanded. Although the core dimensions and elements as conceptualized in the model can be described separately, it is the interactions of all the dimensions and elements within a teaching context that influence and shape the actions and decisions of a teacher who places his/her heart, soul and mind to teaching-- the jiwa educator. In the model, two values namely humaneness and spirituality are highlighted as central to the core attributes of the jiwa educator.

3rd International Conference on Teacher Education and Development 2016

28 Nov 2016 to 30 Nov 2016
Venue : Hotel Cititel Penang, Malaysia

The conference was organised by Institute of Teacher Education Malaysia (IPGM) in collaboration with Malaysian Society for Educational Administration and Management (MSEAM). IPG Tuanku Bainun Campus was entrusted to lead the organising committee.

Datuk Dr. Amin Senin (Deputy Director-General of Education Malaysia) officiating the opening ceremony

There were more than 250 presenters/participants attended this conference whereby internationals accounted for 25 % of them.

1st Keynote Speaker : Datuk Dr. Amin Senin, the Deputy Director-General of Education Malaysia

2nd Keynote Speaker : Emeritus Prof. Dato' Dr. Ibrahim Bajunid, President of MSEAM
Mesmerising speech by Emeritus Prof. Dato' Dr. Ibrahim which lasted about 2 hours and a half. 

3rd Keynote Speaker : Prof. Alma Harris, Director of Institute of Educational Leadership, University of Malaya

4th Keynote Speaker : Prof. Fuji, Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan

5th Keynote Speaker : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wang Xiao Ling, Beijing Institute of Education, China

Presenter from the UK: Mr. Roy Andersen

Presenter from Pakistan : Prof. Abdul Hameed from University of Management and Technology, Lahore

Presenter from the USA, Brianna Rogers

Presenters from Australia, Maldives and Malaysia

Audience in one of the Keynote sessions

Audience in one of the parallel sessions

Presenting a paper. Title : Jiwa Educator

Keynote Speakers, MSEAM Committee member, Datuk Yaccob and Directors of IPG Campuses

MSEAM top Management : L-R : Dr. Amer Hamzah (Treasurer), Emeritus Prof. Dato' Dr. Ibrahim Bajunid (President), Dr. Sazali Yusoff (Secretary-General)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

1st International Education Conference LCWU, Lahore Pakistan. 2 - 4 Nov. 2016

A courtesy call to Vice-Chancellor office. Exchange of token with Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Uzma
Delivering Keynote Speech on 'Lifelong Learning'

Some of the audience

Receiving a token from Dr. Afifa, the coordinator of the conference

Ready for the Keynote Address
Panel Session - Chaired by VC of LCWU, Prof. Dr. Uzma

Responding to the questions during the panel session
Receiving a token from Vice-Chancellor of LCWU
With Prof. Dr. Mahr and Dr. Farook from Punjab University, Lahore

.. Chairing of the session

Certificate of Keynote Speech

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mathematics, Science and Computer Science Education International Seminar 2016. 15 Oct 2016

15 October 2016.
At Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung
Presenting a keynote speech in one of the plenary session on Science Education : Issues and Challenges

Keynote Speakers: L-R; Me, Prof. Tsukasa (Hiroshima University, Japan) and Prof. Hans-Dieter Barke (University of Munster, Germany

SEAMEO QITEP in Science, Bandung Indonesia

14 Oct. 2016 Friday

I was invited by SEAMEO QITEP Bandung to become one of the judge of Ki Hajar Dewantara Best Science Teacher Award in Southeast Asia. (
The Director of SEAMEO QITEP in Science, Bandung, Indonesia

Judging in the process

Judges (seated) and Southeast Asia Science Teacher

Judges L-R: Me, Singapore, Indonesia, Phillipine, Brunei, SEAMEO QITEP Director, MOE Indonesia, Deputy Director SEAMEO QITEP, USA, Indonesia

Questions to teacher
Meeting of the Judges

The winner of Best Science Teacher Award in Southeast Asia. Lee Saw Im from Malaysia
2nd Place: from Singapore
3rd Place from Indonesia

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Almaty-Tashkent-Khiva : 3 - 9 June 2016

I was invited as one of the three candidate opponents for PhD viva voce for Tashkent State Pedagogical University on the 9 June 2016 (Thursday). The other two were from Uzbekistan. The session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Sharipov Shavkat Safarovich, the Rector of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University. Beside the 3 opponents there were 21 Conferment Committee Members which comprise professors from various universities in Uzbekistan who were also attended the session. The format of the viva voce was presentation by the candidate then followed by Q&A by the committee members. Once they were satisfied the opponents summarised their comments. Prior to the viva voce, opponents had read the dissertation and gave their feedback to the candidate for correction and improvement. I was the 3rd panel who gave my comments and conclusion. After my speech, the committee members cast their vote independently and secretly whether the candidate eligible for the conferment of PhD degree. The result was unanimous to confer the degree to the candidate.
Prof. Dr. Sharipov Shavkat Safarovich,  Rector of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University

L-R : Prof. Makhprat (Interpreter), me, Chairman of the Committee Members, Maksudjan (candidate)

On 6 June 2016 (Monday) I was invited to Central Institute of Teacher Retraining in Tashkent for courtesy visit. This is the second time I visited this institute as I was here in 2012 with IAB's delegation. The Rector and his senior officers were at the main entrance for my reception. I was brought directly to four training rooms to see the on-going training programs. All  participants were school headmasters from various parts of Uzbekistan. I was allowed to interact with the participants and most of them were interested to know about Malaysia particularly its education system. I was in four different rooms with different topics were being taught, i.e. Pedagogy, Patriotism, Economic Education and Basic English. Uzbekistan has now implemented new policy in their education system whereby English is one of the new emphasis.

At the end of my visit, I was invited to a special meeting with all the lecturers for a sharing of knowledge and experience session. In this special dialogue, most of the questions posed by the lecturers were on Malaysian system of education with special interest on professional developments for educational leaders.
With lecturers of the Central Institute

On 7 June 2016 (Tuesday) I was in Khiva for school visit. Khiva is an ancient city which was about 1 hour fly from Tashkent. I was accompanied by Mr. Farkhod from Central Institute of Teacher Retraining, Tashkent. In Khiva, officer from regional office brought us to one of the Music School. We were presented with mini concert by students and teachers. After the concert we were brought to various classrooms to watch how music lessons were taking place.

One of the performances

Then we were brought to another school. This is an academic school which practice K9 system. I was brought to various classrooms and also exhibition room which exhibit the history of the school. There were no students in the school as they were on long summer holiday.
At the entrance of 9-Umumiy O'rta Ta'lim Maktabi

On 4 - 5 June 2016 I was in Almaty, Kazakhstan to meet my friends at KIMEP University. The meeting was focussing on a project that has yet to be completed.

With Aisham and Dr. Maganat at KIMEP University, Almaty

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bandung, Indonesia. 29 - 30 April 2016

The conference website
I was honoured to be invited as keynote speaker at the International Conference on Mathematics and Science Education which was held at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Bandung on 30 April 2016. My topic was 'Mathematics and Science Education : Trends and Challenges"

Delivering a keynote speech

Q&A Session: On my left Prof. Dr. Kenenth from National Institute of Education, Singapore and the moderator from UPI
Our delegation was invited by the Dean of FPMIPA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Bandung for one hour meeting. The meeting was mainly discussing the future collaboration between UPI and IPGKTB particularly on joint organisation of conference, research and publication.
Round table meeting : FPMIA and Science Department IPGKTB. Dr. Fatimah, the Dean, chaired the meeting
 At 3.00 pm Rushdi and I were invited by FPMIPA's Dean Council to attend their annual meeting. (The Coucil comprise of 13 deans from various provinces in Indonesia). Prof. Kenneth from National Institute of Education, Singapore was also invited. Again the main agenda of this meeting to was initiate a cooperation between the Council with IPGKTB and NIE.
Meeting with the Deans of FPMIA from 12 universities in Indonesia. 

Beside attending the conference my delegation and I took the opportunity to visit Sekolah Dasar Laboratorium UPI which is located in UPI campus. The school was established and managed by UPI. 
With Headmaster of Sekolah Dasar Laboratorium UPI