Friday, December 2, 2016


Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Teacher Learning and Development 2016

Venue : Cititel Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
Date : 28 -30 Nov 2016


Sazali bin Yusoff (Ph.D)
Ahmad Sukari bin Mohamad (Ph.D)
Abdul Razak bin Othman (Ph.D)
Siti Rohani binti Mohd Zain (Ph.D)

Studies have shown that the impact of teacher effectiveness on student outcomes is linked with teacher attributes. This has led to a growing interest among educators, the need to identify the attributes that has powerful influence on student outcomes. One of the issues consistently discussed is teacher attributes, particularly the distinctive attributes that distinguish between an ordinary teacher and a teacher with the jiwa of an educator. Hence, this article aims to propose a model of jiwa educator relevant to today’s context. Based on comparative analysis of literature and research work from scholars in the education field as well as interviews with experienced in-service teachers and teacher educators; essential dimensions of teacher knowledge, skills, attributes and values that shape the jiwa of an educator were identified and expanded. Although the core dimensions and elements as conceptualized in the model can be described separately, it is the interactions of all the dimensions and elements within a teaching context that influence and shape the actions and decisions of a teacher who places his/her heart, soul and mind to teaching-- the jiwa educator. In the model, two values namely humaneness and spirituality are highlighted as central to the core attributes of the jiwa educator.

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