Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Readiness - India

International Conference on Elevating Learning 3-4 Dec 2011

Principalship readiness among Malaysian senior teachers


The aim of this study was to investigate the readiness of senior teachers to
assume school principal post and its relationship with their demographic variables. Principalship readiness was conceptualized as individual’s perceived self-efficacy in school management. A total of 310 aspiring principals from northern states of Malaysia were involved in the study. ‘Malaysian School Principalship Self-efficacy Scale’, MaSPSES (Sazali, 2006) was used to measure the principalship readiness. MaSPSES is a Likert-type scale with 0 to 5 points and has six dimensions which measure an array of school management activities. The dimensions are managing Academic success, managing staff, managing pupil affairs, managing school facilities, managing school finance, and managing school-community affairs. Cronbach alpha coefficients for each dimension were from .719 to .987. Statistics used in the study were t-test, one-way anova, mean and standard deviation. It was found that the means of the aspiring principals’ self-efficacy and it’s dimensions were at ‘moderate upper’ level (3.49 to 3.82). None of the demographic variables (gender, age, academic qualification, professional developments) were associated significantly with respondents’ self-efficacy except the school enrolment factor. It was found that respondents from small schools have higher self-efficacy than those from big schools.

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