Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jiwa Educator


Sazali Yusoff (Ph.D)
Ahmad Sukari Mohamad (Ph.D)
Siti Rohani Mohd Zain (Ph.D)
Abdul Razak Othman (Ph.D)

  Every teacher should possess an attribute of the jiwa educator corresponds to the aspiration stipulated in the National Philosophy of Education and mission statement of Teacher Education Institute in Malaysia. This is to ensure the sustainability of a more excellent education. Studies have shown that a teacher who is responsible and facilitates learning process with her mind and soul has greater impact on student learning compared to someone who merely teaches for monetary purpose. Based on experiences as a teacher and an administrator in primary schools, this article attempts to explore deeper the understanding of the concept and practices of the jiwa educator among school administrators. Semi-structured and structured interviews were carried out to school headmasters and senior assistants in Penang to elicit responses related to understanding and practices of the jiwa educator. The result shows that the school headmasters were positive towards the concept of jiwa educator. The practices of the jiwa educator can be observed from the perspectives of professional skills and distinctive personality characteristics such as competent in teaching methodology and content knowledge, levels of commitment and consistency in performing tasks and duties, being conscientious, willingness to sacrifice, communicate caring towards students,  be a role model of positive behaviors, ability to guide and effectively instill good manners in students. This study also highlights the importance of spiritual values as a fundamental basis for the development of the jiwa educator.

 Key words: jiwa educator, primary school administrator, spiritual values

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