Monday, February 15, 2016

Phnom Penh

7 Feb 2016

Kg. Kenchong, Phnom Penh

I was honoured to be invited by the school board to officiate the opening ceremony of the new School Library of the Kg Kechong Primary School. This school library was funded by the Alumni of Tun Fatimah School.

Kg Kenchong Primary School was mooted by a group of IPGKTB lecturers which include Ustaz Rafuan, Ustaz Harun, Dr. Razak and many more. The school was established in 2010 with 3 classrooms but now it has 6 classrooms.
Officiating the opening ceremony of the School Library. The establishment of the library was funded by Tun Fatimah School Alumni. In the middle is the Chieftain of the village. On the far left is Ustaz Rafuan, a key person in establishing the school and the library
Ustaz Rafuan and his team had been working tirelessly in collecting funds and procuring a piece of land in the village. Now he could proudly stands at the school which has 5 full-time teachers and more than 200 pupils.
A signature of the official opening of the school library

A Group picture. Sitting (L-R): Ustaz Harun, Ustaz Rafuan, Me, Village Head, Dr. Razak, Ustaz Hafizan
Those at the back are teachers of the school

Some of the school children attending one of the programs held at the mosque 

Delivering a donation from Malaysian community to the school headmaster

Ustaz Harun lecturing on pedagogy for the teachers

A typical house which are common in this village

Dr. Razak with teacher and students

Students browsing books in the new library


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